About Us

There are not many jobs that make the needs of a community more apparent than being a teacher. Working closely with some of the most underserved communities in the United States inspired Mrs. Erica Rucker to found Warrior Affiliated Inc., a non-profit dedicated to fulfilling her life’s purpose– meeting the needs of her community and the youth around her.

As we progress as a society, the gaps between our youth and the resources they need become wider and their challenges become even more unique. Social media has launched our nation’s youth into self-imposed isolation and given them an inability to communicate face-to-face. This, coupled with the mounting anxiety from a constant stream of social issues causes youth today to be more anxious and depressed than many generations before them. This means our mission is more important than ever. 

Warrior Affiliated Inc supports a youth group organization known as RISE. Relying on the collaborative efforts of educators and community mentors, RISE meets the social, emotional, and mental needs of students that would not otherwise have the resources to overcome the ever increasing hurdles presented by an ever changing political landscape. It takes a village to raise a well-rounded child and as our founder says, “we meet the need. We are the village.” This is the mission of Warrior Affiliated Inc. 




Community Servant

Law Student

University of Central Florida

Marc Gedeon

Vice President

Community Servant

Political Science Major

Florida International University

Kevin WIlliams


Co-Founder & President 

T.Y.P.E. INC. 501c(3)

Teaching Youth Prosperity & Excellence



Erica Gregg-Rucker

Educator and Mentor

Founder and Executive Director of Warrior Affiliated INC

Broward County Schools educator of 19 years

Youth Mental Health First Aider and Advocate

Lead Mentor of RISE Youth 

Founder of RISE Academy and RISE Out of School

Benicia Moore

Youth Advocate and Mentor

Kertus Toussaint

Educator and Mentor

Cathy Schwartz

Educator and Mentor

Special educator for 21 yrs in the public schools

Mental health advocate 

A voice for the unspoken

Be devoted to one another in love, honor one another above themselves

Kerry-Ann Allison

Educator and Mentor

Holistic Health Advocate 

Egyptian Yoga Certified Lvl 1 & 2 

Psychology Teacher 

Victor manuel

Educator and Mentor 

Owner/Lead Tutor of Perspective Tutoring LLC

Girls Varsity Basketball Coach at Coconut Creek High School

Little League Football Coach for the Pompano Eagles

The Vision

How It All Started